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The width at the top and bottom of the silhouette was balanced by a nipped waist, to create an hourglass effect Tortora ; Shrimpton Often hat trimmings were excessive; a common decoration was an entire stuffed bird.

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Never being overtly flirtatious, yet making her intentions known. Women began to realize their value and potential was so much greater than the limitations society placed on them. The Gibson Girl created the perfect woman combining traditional female beauty with the "spunk and wit of American youth", according to wisegeek. Most often, a Gibson Girl appeared single and uncommitted. Gibson often posed for her husband, but the Gibson Girl was already in existence before then" Rogers. After, the Gibson Girl era was replaced by the "Flapper society" Gibson continued to be an influential contributor to Life and eventually the controlling share holder and owner. Chopin describes her physical attributes as,"Dainty as a lily; hardy as a sun flower; slim, tall, graceful, like one of the reeds that grew in the marsh. Scribner's for June, cover, June Gibson Girls examining a man under a magnifying glass. Drawing for The Weaker Sex. Barbie however, changed and adapted to the changing of societal views unlike that of the Gibson Girl who couldn't while maintaining her identity. Shirtwaists could also be worn as part of a suit, often referred to as tailor-mades Tortora ; Fukai The Gibson Girl was also one of the new, more athletic-shaped women, who could be found cycling through Central Park, often exercised and was emancipated to the extent that she could enter the workplace.

Men also took part in the bicycle craze, and had a variety of choice: Norfolk suits, lounge suits, and reefer jackets Laver ; Tortora Allen, J.

The opening ceremony featured a light and water effects show and some 10, fireworks!

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The Art Nouveau movement also had significant influence on fashion, particularly later in the decade. Figure 3 depicts all of these suit varieties. He would have followed the voice anywhere Source: Kyoto Costume Institute While women had been slowly participating in more sports since the s, female participation in sports expanded greatly in the s.

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Figure 2 depicts all these types. While men certainly rode bicycles, the craze was particularly heady around women. Women wore a variety of ensembles to participate in such occasions, ranging from a standard shirtwaist suit to more specialized clothing. Nesbit was an actress who found herself in the middle of media storm when her husband murdered her lover and famous architect Stanford White. Despite the criticism she was a trend setter, a model for women in both dress and action, just like Barbie. She was the "spirit of the early 20th century". The question of the title Gibson "Girl" could be speculated on as could many of the illustration meanings. Next to the beauty of a Gibson Girl, men often appeared as simpletons or bumblers; and even men with handsome physiques or great wealth alone could not provide satisfaction to her. The statuesque, narrow-waisted ideal feminine figure was portrayed as being at ease and stylish. At the end of the 19th century, there was such an image, but during a time of great change for women. Nina Allender modified Gibson's media darlings by injecting the beautiful, young, bright women with a political message. Stokes, in the Sargent portrait above wears such a suit. Source: Library of Congress Fig. The Gibson Girl is seen in many of Chopin's female characters Chopin identifies the Gibson Girl in most of her stories: a strong woman who knows her place but continues to "push" against societal norms in a "gentle" persuasive way.

Boy's Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit, Clarisse from "At the 'cadian Ball" Clarisse is exactly the literary portrayal of the Gibson Girl illustration. The photo is entitled Toast to the Bride, Peterwho was most famous for his art on Wonder Woman comics. It was eclipsed by the World Trade Center towers in

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The Gibson Girls: The Kardashians of the Early s