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She was beautiful; he was hulking, possessive and sometimes violent.

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Inhe also met the poet Tess Gallagher and began a relationship with her that would continue until his death. And one of the major things about his private life that he put into his work was his relationship with his first wife, Maryann, and they married very young.

In this time, Carver met and moved in with Tess Gallagher, a poet who would eventually become his wife and partner until his death.

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Less than two months later, on August 2, , Raymond Carver died. It was a harbinger. In , Carver's first published story, "The Furious Seasons", appeared. Lish is a man of tremendous energy. They met in California. He did most of his work in California and he was published by small presses out here and he just never gave up on that process until he got noticed. He was born in Oregon and spent his childhood in Washington State. Carver moved once again to California where he had gotten a job for Science Research Associates as a text book editor. And what did you want? For the next quarter-century she supported Ray as a cocktail waitress, a restaurant hostess, an encyclopedia saleswoman and a teacher.

I'd do anything it took. Carver approved the title.

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That there was so much more to Carver than the brutal facts of his life is the substance of a rich and rigorously researched new biography. When they met, Lish was a man without a mission. It was a case of strong affection polluted for reasons of ego and frustration. He later found work as a textbook editor and finally as a creative writing faculty member at a number of universities. A collection of his poetry, including some works being written shortly before his death, was published in A New Path to the Waterfall. He briefly enrolled in the library science graduate program at the University of Iowa that summer but returned to California following the death of his father. And yet he had still to face his greatest demon: his alcoholism. His wife, after all, often waited tables to support him. There were all those frustrations that I just mentioned and you listed.

Want more KPBS news? She was always someone there in the shadow of the stories. Could you read that for us?

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I think what he really wanted was credit as a sort of co-creator. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. His sobriety date was June 2, Invalid email address. Within two years of marriage, they'd had two children, Christine and Vance. She was always someone there in the shadow of the stories. I did.

Dialogue is usually clipped, and it is studded with commonplace observations of the concrete objects on the table or on the wall rather than the elusive, important issues in the air.

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