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However, although some researchers have suggested that rave is a working class phenomenon, Redhead, this is open to question. You can be a different person Although expressed in different words these themes were common across most of those interviewed although it must be recognised that individual situations, circumstances, and perceptions of life outside of the club did differ.

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It is suggested that individuals exhibiting the characteristics of those discussed in this paper would make an interesting group to study in relation to age perception, leisure activities and advertising response. It suggests that things may not always be what they seem, and that while we immediately tend to associate rave with working class youths, eager to get high on ecstasy, this is not necessarily the case.

Once inside the atmosphere changed. With rave, the beat of the music is repetitive and hypnotic, devoid of lyrics which may require thought and analysis, in other words, a form of escape Rehead The emphasis is on a feeling of well being, camaraderie and group affiliation in a climate where everyone is experiencing the same emotions.

Accordingly, the aim of the researcher is to construct a model of the sector of the social world within which only those events and behaviours which are of interest to the problem under study take place Costelloe The findings suggest that this experience is closely linked to issues of identity, community, fantasy and escape, and prolonged hedonism.

Nevertheless, these were not habitual drug users.

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This concerns conscious effort and the direction of psychic energy to produce a feeling of well being. Veronica Clothes are very much part of the culture. With rave, the beat of the music is repetitive and hypnotic, devoid of lyrics which may require thought and analysis, in other words, a form of escape Rehead Csikszentmihalyi, M. The research, however, was only made possible by the co-operation of the organisers who generously gave up their time to discuss operations, allow access to the club, and provided contacts for interview. It may be argued that nowhere is this more obvious than in the dance club where temporary new communities are formed, bonded together by a common experience. Are these essay examples edited? There are lessons to be learnt, as the leisure, tourism, music and advertising industries have already recognised, from developing an understanding of the behaviour of these consumers. When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author.

Free tekno : This style of electronic music started in the early s and was mostly played in illegal parties hosted by Sound System, such as Spiral Tribe, Desert Storm, Hekate, Heretik, in warehouse, dismissed buildings, or even illegal open air festivals, called "Teknivals". The first consisted of observations of the process and the rituals associated with consumption behaviours at the club.

Some claim you have an analysis of the rave parties in the united states and europe a right to travel by automobile without a driver's license, registration or insurance. Additionally, some companies are appealing directly to those associated with club culture in their advertising.

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A Personal Experience Analysis of the Characteristics of Rave Culture