Art is a lie that brings

art is a lie that brings us nearer to truth

Since art is, in effect, an imitation of reality, the realistic movement in literature proves to be one of the most important movements to show life as it is in a work. It is a valid source of knowledge in the sense that the vocabulary aids our language and widens our horizons.

art is a lie that tells the truth examples

However, literal truths do occur in novels. Cambridge School Shakespeare, This proves art has an emotional effect- because it is realistic and appears to us as the truth, we focus on it as an aid in our everyday life in this way with moral stories.

These 1 2 Orwell, George. The exact portrayal within art can never exist in the real world, as much as it intends to be hyper-naturalistic or realistic. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Henceforth, can we acknowledge artistic expression as the lie revealing the truth?

Is this really possible- to portray something, that was taken from reality, better than it is in reality? Indeed, this limitation adds to the lies of art.

In this sense art is a lie.

art is a lie that tells the truth meaning

Furthermore, in visual art, lies used depend on the manipulation of the artist. Orwell, George. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth.

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