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Besides their world-renowned circus, one of the brothers, John Ringling, had a vast collection of art pieces in his Florida mansion. I went online to search for the museum address and when I saw the Google street view of the building, I was surprised to discover what that magnificent looking building truly was Did you immediately accept the information presented to you as fact?

It's a painting of the inside of a diner sitting in the middle of an open desert. On the handout that you gave the class you wrote questions that you though would be helpful for us to answer to succeed Now for one last adventure, imagine that one artwork could come to life.

Art museum paper essay example

Cultures such as the mighty conquerors of Rome, the wise Greeks, the sea-inhabiting Vikings and the great Egyptian dynasties The museum had a two story layout. It is a bequest of George Blumenthal, The display clearly reminded me of the American flag. With the help of the Union League Club in NY they began to acquire civic leaders, businessmen, artists, and collectors who aided in the creation of the museum. It gave me a good idea of what the paintings were like in these four centuries and reflected ideas of both the east and the west This massive art museum has a collection of over , artworks, which extends from the ancient times to present days Gilbert and Mills I not only learned new facts about the Egyptian civilization, but saw artifacts from thousands of years ago.

This piece of work is made of oak with Polychromy which means it has traces of paint. Plus, it was worth it because I love museums.

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Art Museum Essay