Differentiation vs low cost provider

This makes their particular market segment less attractive to competitors. Small businesses can be "cost focused" not "cost leaders" if they enjoy any advantages conducive to low costs.

broad differentiation strategy

It represents a greater value for the customer, created either by lower prices or by providing greater benefits and services that justify higher prices.

This is much easier to do and can help distinguish a small business for a specialty that could catapult it into massive growth.

Differentiation vs low cost provider

To make a success of a Differentiation strategy, organizations need: Good research, development and innovation. That is part of what makes each of them so distinct in the world of social media. This is a strategy that has often been used to force competition out of the market. By having this advantage, the low cost company is able to do a number of things to maintain or increase its market share. Promotional strategy often involves trying to make a virtue out of low cost product features. The argument is based on the fundamental that differentiation will incur costs to the firm which clearly contradicts with the basis of low cost strategy and on the other hand relatively standardised products with features acceptable to many customers will not carry any differentiation [9] hence, cost leadership and differentiation strategy will be mutually exclusive. While Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram are all social media platforms that allow most of the same stuff posting text, images, videos, live streaming, and engagements , they have all targeted specific niches in order to differentiate themselves. He claims that there is a viable middle ground between strategies.

Choosing the Right Generic Strategy Your choice of which generic strategy to pursue underpins every other strategic decision you make, so it's worth spending time to get it right. Other procurement advantages could come from preferential access to raw materials, or backward integration.

Small businesses might find it difficult to pull off this kind of strategy. For example, GE uses finance function to make a difference. Having done this, it may be clear that your organization is unlikely to be able to make a success of some of the generic strategies. Apple's design skills or Pixar's animation prowesstalented personnel e.

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