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News also offers a bunch of other rankings, including a survey of guidance counselors and some specialty rankings Did I mention, Mason again ranked in the top Schools To Watch? Request your high school send an official copy of your transcript.

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The only thing more important than the incoming class is how much money each school spends and earns. See how much your chances improve? Home-Schooled applicants are not considered for Score Optional admission.

Score Optional Consideration We take a holistic approach to reviewing each application with great care. This tool provides only a simplistic estimate of your chances of admission.

If the system will let you save an application in process, save it before you submit and get a really good proofreader to look over your work.

As a result I suspect there are some deans out there writing far more eloquently than I, yet sadly, few will ever read their musings. A less nice reason is the marketing aspect.

We also look at test scores, but those are less important, because you are more than a number. Transfer You are considered a transfer student if you have enrolled at a college or university after graduating from high school.

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Their evaluation will largely be based on the materials you submit but mostly your academic record. Also, we take a vast amount of anti-acids. Princeton Review and Forbes which ranked Mason the top public university in the D.

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