How to write a piano lesson plan

Although this approach might seem long-winded, it leads to secure understanding in the long-run which will provide a stronger base for future development and growth.

One of the best ways to introduce new ideas into your studio is with a comprehensive plan. Playful and creative at all times — get too serious and the learning usually disappears. Repeat with groups of three black keys.

piano lesson template

Ear Training Depending on what your students are doing with music, you may want to consider adding some time for ear training exercises in your piano lesson plans. What there is should be a two-way dialogue between the two of you simulated by carefully phrased questions.

First piano lesson plan

Move your hand to the white keys. Begin having them learn what different scales and modes sound like and how to play them. This is their home assignment. It just takes time, thoughtful instruction, and a mixture of enthusiasm and patience. A lot of smart people have spent a lot of long hours developing yearly plans for piano method books. Click here to view a weekly lesson plan completed. All of these plans use the three above segments as a basis for organising your teaching material. These exercises are designed to improve muscle memory, dexterity, and coordination, but they will also help a student improve their music-reading skills. Set aside a few minutes of your lessons and encourage your students to explore various keys, modes, and time signatures on the piano. It can be extremely difficult for new piano students to actually read the music in their assigned pieces, so many try to memorize the music, and this can turn into a huge problem. Aural is part of creativity or technical work Eg. Weekly Lesson Plan Templates When I first started teaching the Piano Safari method which I now recommend and offer discounts on for my members , I had to work really hard to make sure I thoroughly prepared. Follow About the Author Tim Topham has one mission in life: to stem the tide of children quitting music lessons by helping teachers maximise student engagement through creativity, technology and innovation. For example, sightreading can be part of repertoire Eg. Encouraging your students to explore the sound and range of the piano will help them become more invested in the process of learning about music.

How you want to structure your lessons is up to you, but listening to the musical goals and ambitions of your students is always a good idea.

It just takes time, thoughtful instruction, and a mixture of enthusiasm and patience.

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How To Plan For a Year's Worth of Piano Lessons (Part 1)