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All the employees are in favour of introduction of performance appraisal though there is no systematic appraisal followed, right now. When whingers turn as whistle blowers and expose the management practice in public, it might be too late for the management to prevent the potential damage to its images Executives must set standards at the top. The major problems found in cooperative banks are lack of knowledge of funds management resulting in acceptance of high cost deposits and their disposition in low return uses. The National Cooperative Union diaries, entries to the service register and review of work of India NCUI , the national level apex organization and done periodically are the methods used for appraisal of State Cooperative Unions SCUS , the state level apex probationers. The employer should always encourage the employees to bring out their fullest talent for the success of the institution. Deputation of government officers to hold the key posts in cooperative banks is a widely prevalent practice. The conflict between employer and employee or among the employees is inevitable in any organization. Since a positive relationship with the immediate supervisor is a very important element of job satisfaction, retention should be regarded as an important yardstick in measuring effectiveness. Unlike commercial banks, Cooperative Development Corporation NCDC which have cooperative banks, especially urban cooperative banks training arrangements for employees of cooperative banks.

The salary structure of cooperative banks was Employer - Employee Relationship different from bank to bank even for the same cadre and salary structure of cooperative banks was not uniform.

Introduction of mergers and acquisitions process between and among cooperative banks have created focus on competencies that enable employees to self-manage work in teams, think globally, boldly, and unconventionally and deploy the power of intuition and emotional intelligence.

It involves more than giving an annual performance review.

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Thus, seniority has accounted for the compensation administration. Realizing the significance of training, the cooperative training institutions established at different levels are imparting training to the employees of cooperative banks.

First, the question of parity of wages among the for motivating and increasing performance. Only recently has there been a greater recognition of this function.

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Mere encouragement to generate new ideas effectiveness. In case of individuals whose seniority was equal, merit was considered as the criterion for promotion. Since a broad range of ideas presented by persons with diverse positive relationship with the immediate supervisor is a very backgrounds, experiences and points of view, innovation is important element of job satisfaction, retention should be virtually impossible. Language is another problem. The informal discussion with the employees of cooperative banks in Tamil Nadu revealed that they are not in favour deputation of officers by government. In addition having certain policies in writing — such as rules prohibiting unlawful discrimination and harassment may save an organization a lot of time and money in the event of a law suit. English and majority of the cooperative bank employees are not able follow and understand the concept.

No organization, has been able to attract and retain key people in the long run by throwing money at them. If middle managers feel disrespected, attracted or stifled by senior management, chances are that they will pass this negative attitude down to the employees they supervise.

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Hrm in Cooperative Banks in India Essay Example