Ill effects of overpopulation in india

Illegal migration: Last but not the least, we cannot ignore the fact that illegal migration is continuously taking place from Bangladesh, Nepal leading to increased population density. Overpopulation Solutions Preventing the rapid growth of the population is the key to the victory over poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, economic backwardness, etc in the modern world.

Population problems in india

Effect 2. One of the biggest effects which come with the overpopulation is the increasing of unemployment. This leads to countless airborne diseases and skin infections. Latin America can also be reported to be responsible for sounding the warning bells for the world. Muslim households have more birth rates than Hindu communities. This age old thought puts considerable pressure on the parents to produce children till a male child is born. Reducing the existing population is not possible but it is possible to check further rise in population of our country which can overcome the problem of population growth, through spreading awareness about overpopulation. The Earth has a limited capacity and we must not tear open its bowels to feed ourselves. Unemployment and poverty lead to frustration and anger among the educated youth. First, the paper summarizes the crucial demographic conditions and where India stands by numbers. Manpower utilisation: The number of jobless people is on the rise in India due to economic depression and slow business development and expansion activities. Problem of Unemployment: Large size of population results in large army of labour force. This way, the sexual and family education provided for the students may alter their understanding of sustainable family and help them plan for themselves a better future. Population and Unemployment 3. Those countries which have a larger proportion in the school-going age are precisely the countries which are economically backward.

The economic problem comes when these illegal merchants enter into a direct competition with the legally established small businesses on a more favorable terms by evading taxes and regulation.

Population and Housing and Health: It is impossible to estimate with any precision what proportion of urban and rural drivellers in the developing countries live in inadequate housing with inadequate provision for water, sanitation and other basic needs.

Burden of Unproductive Consumers: In India, a large number of children are dependent. First of all, this number is misleading because many women decide sterilise only after having as many children as they wanted and at a late age for reproduction U.

For the right population mix, adequate resources should be harnessed with provision of enough space and strong infrastructure. Impoverished families have this notion that more the number of members in the family, more will be the numbers to earn income.

Resource utilisation: Land areas, water resources, forests are over exploited. The growth of population results in an automatic raise of the jobseekers number who influence the stagnating productivity in a negative way, leading to the increasing of product prices on the market as a response to the growing demand Kachru, ; Tiwary, She is imprisoned in the four-walls of her house.

impact of population explosion on health

We have been successful in declining the death rates but the same cannot be said for birth rates.

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Consequences of Over