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Portable wealth in the form of money, skills and services emerged.

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The demand for agricultural workers gave survivors a new bargaining power. It spread to the east causing millions of deaths. Changes in the size of civilization led to changes in trade, the church, music and art and many other things. It then spread through China, killing approximately 35 million people. Carving was changed. Since there wasn't very many farmers to make food, the price of food went up during the plague. Ashes, ashes: the church burned the dead when burying them became to laborious. The plague is more effective when it attacks weakened people and Europe at the time was already weakened by exhaustion of the soil due to poor farming, the introduction of more sheep which reduced the land available for corn, and persistent Scottish invasions. Pneumonic plague : It was transmitted through droplets sprayed from the lungs and mouth of an infected person. A pocket full of posies: used to stop the odor of rotting bodies which was at one point thought to cause the plague, it was also used widely by doctors to protect them from the infected plague patients.

Carving was changed. For example when something happened during the black death here was always an effect to it.

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The poor people saw so much death they wanted to enjoy life. Even the abundant death was used for laughter.

black death worksheet answers

Likewise, both articles have the main idea about discussing the black death. Funeral processions were used as jokes.

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Coffins had pictures of corpses on the lid, usually showing a very flattering likeness of the body inside wearing their best clothes.

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