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She also remarked on how she scared little girls when she was in costume, makeup, and acting during shooting; this led to the decision of hiring her own daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, for the role of the young Princess Aurora, since she would not be scared of her own mother during principal photography.

An ashamed Maleficent orders Diaval to find Prince Phillip who had previously met and fell in love with Aurora in the forest and although she does not believe that True Love exists, which she had discussed earlier with Diaval, she sees that Phillip may be her only hope to save Aurora. A young faerie princess named Maleficent Isobelle Molloy as a child, Jolie latercomplete with horns and feathered wings, meets human boy Stefan Michael Higgins as a child, Sharlto Copley laterand they fall for one another.

maleficent character analysis

When she uses her powers to do something good her magic manifest as yellow. We meet two children.

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Heartbroken, Aurora runs away to her father's castle. Unable to walk properly, she creates a staff from a simple twig then enters an abandoned castle and hides in the shadows, broken and alone. Unable to protect her, Maleficent is surrounded as Stefan, wearing iron armor and wielding iron weapons, enters the scene. Stefan wishes to return to the Moors to see Maleficent again, but she tells him that it is forbidden. Later, Stefan forges a Royal Proclamation declaring himself as the late monarch's chosen successor. On September 18, , the film's release date was bumped up from July 2, to May 30, due to Pixar 's The Good Dinosaur having production problems and delays. However, over the next several years, Stefan stops coming to see Maleficent. Everyone else, even Aurora, fades in her presence. How did criticism become such a quagmire of mediocrity? And not necessarily from a man, who you think will magically save you, but from a woman, who perhaps will unmagically save you just by having loved you, quietly, for a long time.

Although sometimes irritated with him, Maleficent openly shows that she does care for Diaval a great deal, saving his life twice. The scene of her pain and humiliation is shocking and desperately sad.

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Seitz also called the scene in which Maleficent discovers the loss of her wings "the most traumatizing image I've seen in a Hollywood fairy tale since the Christ-like sacrifice of Aslan in 's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Jolie manages to steal her own show in most every scene. When did writing become a tool of the timid and a closed gate against exciting, new ideas?

Maleficent locates Phillip and places him into a sleeping trance and transforms Diaval into a horse to deliver Phillip to the castle.

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