Marketing strategies for apple and dell

Marketing strategies for apple and dell

Analysts say Thats as good or better than Dell or Gateway Burrows, p This move came after a down swing in the computer industry Heller, It helps to establish direct relationships between customers. All of these organizations have sought to find ways in which they can reduce prices. While Apples customers are design and image focused, and look for an experience when they buy their products, Dells customers have good skills in computers, know what they want, and are above all looking for a product that gives them value for their 22 money and contains good quality. Apple is nonetheless determined to find the perfect solution. Consumers mind especially in electronics industry people have a strong relation with Japanese products and quality so on brand. Individual segmentation, mainstream category including series of Studio and Inspiron are generally all in on products which are mobile and light but not as commercial as Latitude series. The distribution function supports the marketing effort and Apple and hence matters like leakages while distribution for a product launch are taken very seriously. Billgren says that Apple provides them the retailers with products the amount based on the size of the country and the cities they are located in.

They are in the business of software engineering, hardware manufacturing, and retail. The philosophy is to spend excessively where required and reap the benefits in later stages. This can help it to offer value proposition to its customer.

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Apple has focused on a strategy where the company is selling its products both on the Internet and through distribution channels. Thus, it is crucial for companies nowadays to find a competitive advantage by creating and maintaining added value for their customers.

The company has identified three product areas where they believe that growth and profitability are important and attractive: consumer electronics, storage, and printers.

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He states Apple customers will always remain with the company. To make products closer to consumers is the best marketing promotion. They no longer even need to be in charge of a huge part of their content marketing since their target market is doing it for them. Hey, I'm Neil Patel. Giving people what they want is how you capture greater market share. That is why the company wants to be sure that its distribution channels are able to provide its customers with answer to these questions. Dell helps corporate customers to better use its products or services. Dell holds about percent market share in the Swedish PC market Dell, This may be one contributing factor to why it does not use retailers. Similarly, recent years have seen Apple expanding its minimalistic approach by offering a wider range of devices, including a budget-friendly iPhone and, most recently, a less expensive iPad. At the opposite, Dells customers do not need to see the products in a real store, a virtual one is enough. Apple creates products that have a longer life, and usually higher resale prices than its competitors. The growth of the personal computer industry is slowing which means Dell needs to focus on product diversification. This leads to the manufacturing company needing knowledge of such factors as whether or not the customers prefer to buy locally, from retailers, via mail, or over the net.

He states Apple customers will always remain with the company. Thanks to its build-toorder strategy, Dell can claim an industry-leading four days of inventory Kotler, Added value for an Apple customer is physical contact both with the products and with educated and knowledgeable employees M.

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Resources With the word resources, we wish to focus on the costs and profits related to distribution strategies. Apple is going to continue to innovate to make the stores the best place to buy computers. Particularly, when we look at segment universities Studio series are more suitable for them, because today many universities provide internet services on wireless networking. Professional firms believe employee-relations will reflect on customer relations. Apple does not want too many distributors within the same area since it will reduce the profit of each distributor and stop them from investing in marketing, education of technicians, and other forms of special competence Bjrnstrm, The persons had been asked to evaluate laptop brands in terms of brand strength, quality and design of the laptops. It is considered to be the third largest personal computer vendor in the world. Dell is working in the entire Nordic region but it is Sweden that takes care of the Nordic support. Apple employees are not allowed to provide more specific information about the matter. According to Johnson Apple will focus on trafficking its stores, which will attract other customers by word of mouth.

Besides competitors, fluctuation in the World currency is also an unpredictable threat in international marketing. Mendelson and J.

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Dell uses an effective direct relationship to its customers which has attracted several customers with different kinds of consumer behaviour Parks, The company offers a range of personal computing products including; desktop computers, notebooks, related peripherals, software and networking, and connectivity products MarketLine Business Information center, According to Johnson Apple will focus on trafficking its stores, which will attract other customers by word of mouth.

As a result of these changes, the distribution chain has had to be adapted and changed repeatedly over the years.

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