Norwalk virus

Noroviruses are also called Norwalk-like viruses and caliciviruses.

norwalk virus symptoms

Heating foods to cooking temperatures kills these viruses. Disease outbreaks among older children and adults occur in camps, schools, nursing homes, military populations, cruise ships, and areas with contaminated drinking or swimming water.

Avoid drinking untreated water.

Norwalk virus 2018

Numerous outbreaks with similar symptoms have been reported since. Most norovirus infections are mild and pass in a few days. If you cannot drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration or have bloody diarrhea, call your doctor. Try to drink a cup of water or rehydration drink for each large, loose stool you have. Some other human calicivirus strains are described as being round and slightly larger than Norwalk virus in feces 31 to 35 nm in diameter. Ann Intern Med. The disease is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated foods and drinks, or by contact with an infected individual. So most people do not go to their doctors for a diagnosis. Topic Overview What are noroviruses? Epidemiology About half of the outbreaks of acute infectious nonbacterial gastroenteritis in the United States are due to Norwalk virus.

However, several of these other human caliciviruses are antigenically distinct on the basis of immune electron microscopy studies. Nonflammable alcohol vapor in CO2 systems is used in health care environments where medical electronics would be adversely affected by aerosolized chlorine or other caustic compounds.

norwalk virus incubation period

One group of individuals, who lacked appreciable serum or intestinal antibodies, persistently failed to develop illness or to mount antibody responses on initial exposure to the virus and after rechallenge up to 3 years later.

Immediately remove and wash soiled clothing or linens after vomiting or having diarrhea.

norwalk virus treatment

Norwalk virus infection seems to spare the large intestine, and thus fecal leukocytes are not present in the stool.

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