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Whole-body diffusion-weighted MR imaging in cancer: current status and research directions. Because of the small but not negligible risk of radiation-induced secondary cancers and the significantly improved overall survival rates of children with cancer, there is an increasing interest in the use of radiation-free imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging MRI. Guillerman RP. The search also included specific works and index terms used in the numerous databases to find the appropriate studies The reference lists were also analyzed to locate additional studies for user in the review. European Journal of Radiology, 53, — Motion artifacts in MRI: a complex problem with many partial solutions. Contrast MRI using gadolinium played an important role at the turn of the decade. Additionally, high signal to noise ratio is needed to deter obscurity for the small lesions. The rapidly flowing carotid arteries result in a signal void clearly defining the vessels in non-contrast scans. Following the routine scans, dynamic scan menu was initialized and scanning commenced with T1 TSE weighted images obtained in the coronal plane using thin three mm sections. Hayashi et al conducted dynamic study in 14 patients with pituitary adenomas [3].

Neurosecretory vesicles transmit high intensity signals from the posterior pituitary globe. Guillerman RP.

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Angiography is reserved for patients with known vascular pathology based on clinical as well as radiological findings Rotte et al. When appearing on T1 weighted images, they are hypointense with an enhanced contrast on post gadolinium images.

Introduction of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI has further refined this technique in diagnosing pituitary microadenomas.

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The oxytocin and vasopressin, synthesized in the hypothalamus, are transported along the hypothalamo-hypophyseal tract to the posterior lobe and stored there. Which MRI sequence of the spine best reveals bone-marrow metastases of neuroblastoma? This is because hemosiderin worsens the homogeneity of the magnetic field. PubMed CrossRef. The dynamic and precontrast images combine with delayed scanning of thirty to sixty minutes to achieve a single study of optimum imaging. Eur J Radiol 54, — Proton MR Spectroscopy assists in differentiating the types of lesions that involve the pituitary-hypothalamic axis Kim et al. Feasibility of high-resolution pituitary MRI at 7. It receives its blood principally from the hypophyseal-portal system, which also serves as a pathway for release of hypothalamic hormones. This fleeting moment lasting seconds aids in the optimal delineation of the tumor [8].

Conspicuity of bone metastases on fast Dixon-based multisequence whole-body MRI: clinical utility per sequence. Whole-body diffusion-weighted MR imaging in cancer: current status and research directions.

MR imaging increases with the possibility of diagnosing lymphocytic hypophysitis and helps in managing patients with lymphocytic hypophysitis.

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Eighteen of the twenty-five patients had microadenomas, one patient presented with pituitary hyperplasia and the rest had a macroadenoma [Table - 1]. MR imaging depicts the anatomy of the pituitary gland accurately and non-invasively.

Netherlands, Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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Advanced MR techniques discussed in this article include dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, 3T MRI, magnetization transfer MT imaging, diffusion-weighted imaging DWIproton MR spectroscopy, fluorine fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography, single-photon emission computed tomography, intraoperative MRI, and intraoperative real-time ultrasonography.

Eutsler EP, Khanna G.

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The present study investigates the role of imaging modalities in the evaluation of pituitary gland disorders. The remaining bulk of papers were assessed to select primary studies covering the pituitary gland of human beings and MRI related imaging. Value of dynamic MRI imaging in pituitary adenomas. Radiol Med. Radiat Med. The FOV was maintained at cm. The hypothalamus consists of multiple nuclei regulating the temperature, water balance, drinking behavior, and sexual activity. Ten things you might not know about iron oxide nanoparticles. Placing inferior saturation bands diminishes flow related artifacts on post-contrast sequences. MRI techniques in diagnosing pituitary lesions have witnessed a rapid evolution, ranging from noncontrast MRI in late s to contrast-enhanced MRI in mids.

Additional problems arise because of the varying sizes of the pituitary gland, which respond to the changes in physiological hormones.

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Imaging of the pituitary: Recent advances