Reasons for college dropouts

A Harvard study shows even more dismal graduation rates: 56 percent of students complete four-year degrees within six years — and only 29 percent of students complete two-year degrees within three years.

If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. But research shows that less than 25 percent of students who are forced to take remedial classes end up graduating, even when you extend the graduation period to 8 years.

If you are just graduating high school, then the amount of coursework mixed with the personal life and new sense of independence will get to you. Some take a leap of faith and believe they will find a way to pay for college as they go along but soon find out it is not possible.

These are great for collaborating and communicating with others—the perfect ingredients for a groovy college experience!

why students dropout of college statistics

Aside from financial consequences, many dropouts face self-esteem issues. For more on the numbers, check out the new set of papers issued jointly by the education teams at the American Enterprise Institute and Third Way, at Elevating College Completion.

Ready to start and finish college strong? Learn more about Year On. You still have to pay back all the loans. Vedantam reports that summer melt may occur due to the complications of the enrollment and financial aid process before the semester starts.

why students dropout of school essay

Graduation Rates What percent of students at public colleges graduate in 4 years? Look at their retention and graduation rates.

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23 College Dropout Statistics That Will Surprise You