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The judicial stamp tax is being levied under the Court Fees Actalthough the levy of court fees originated in the introduction of the Bengal Regulation No. Residence rules For the purposes of taxation, how is an individual defined as a resident of Bangladesh?

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Generally, it is argued that widespread exemption encourages tax evasion, erodes tax equity and creates distortions in the economy. Investment in property is a common means of parking money unaccounted for and a large number of transactions in real estate are not reported or are under-reported. In case an identity of this group has a total annual income less than this level, he is not required to submit tax return but if someone's income is higher, he is to pay a minimum tax of Tk.

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From fiscal or assessment year, AY , there is a filing threshold of annual total income of Tk. Side by side with collection of taxes, facilitation of international trade through quick clearance of import and export cargoes has also emerged as a key role of NBR. Current rates of non-judicial stamp duty are provided in the First Schedule of the Finance Act , ranging from Tk. Tax evasion can have many forms. Another problem in our tax policy is the extensive use of tax exemptions. Powers, functions and duties of Income-Tax officers are provided in many sections, some of which are Power of search and seizure, Power of assessment, Power to call for information, Power of Survey etc. A commissioner may exercise powers of an assessing officer. Below are the elements of an assignee compensation, which are subject to income tax in general situation: Basic Salary Dearness Allowance cost of living adjustment Conveyance allowance. Until , sales tax was being collected under the Act, which was replaced by the Sales Tax Ordinance The main function of the authority is to detect tax- evasion and supervise subordinate officers. Beside, international airport sets an Income tax booth to check Income tax clearance certificate TCC at the time of departure. Non-residents For non-residents other than Bangladeshi non-residents, the tax rate is 30 percent flat rate on total taxable income. Bangladesh inherited a system of taxation from its past British and Pakistani rulers. However, such an opportunity of being reheard is required to be given only if the concerned assesses demands for it and not otherwise.

Discovery, Production of Evidence etc. The VAT law was promulgated by repealing the Business.

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Page 8 of 32 The tax structure in the country consists of both direct income tax, gift tax, land development tax, non-judicial stamp, registration, immovable property tax, etc and indirect customs duty, excise duty, motor vehicle tax, narcotics and liquor duty, VAT, SD, foreign travel tax, TT, electricity duty, advertisement tax, etc taxes. However, no opportunity of being heard shall be required if the case is to be transferred from one A. Rate is a local tax imposed by local government on its residents or the property owners of the locality, a duty is a tax levied on a commodity, and an impost is a tax imposed for an entry into a country. Power to dispose of appeals. The VAT law was promulgated by repealing the Business. Tax is 'a contribution exacted by the state'. Income tax was first introduced in the subcontinent by the British in to make up the revenue deficit caused by the sepoy revolt, In order to provide a better life for the people, the government needs money and thus internal resource is the key for sustenance and development of a nation. Its, also, has the power to revise an order passed by an assessing officer in addition to many other powers as given in the Income Tax Act, Under the different provisions of the Act, the Joint Commissioner enjoys the power to accord approval to adopt fair market value as full consideration, instruct income tax officers, exercise powers of income tax officers, the power to call information, to inspect registers of companies, to make any enquiry among other powers.

Throughout the world, responsible governments follow the policy of a progressive income tax.

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