The e myth revised summary

Only when the Sales Operations Manual is complete do you run an ad for a salesperson. Great people have a vision of their lives that they practice emulating each and every day.

E myth takeaways

About building a business that works not because of you but without you. Those unconsciously held reasons will be different from another group of women, of a different age and marital status, with a different educational background, living in a different part of the country. An illogical game will abort before it ever gets going. Understanding the difference between the two is what creating a great business is all about. Just think. Zuckerberg has spoken a couple of times about wanting to code all the time, and how he misses it. Or, at least, the businesses Gerber is talking about small businesses looking to grow and potentially be sold further down the line. A structure through which they can test themselves and be tested. Know the ground you stand on and then assemble your armament. But not for someone with sales experience. What standards are you going to insist upon regarding reporting, cleanliness, clothing, management, hiring, firing, training, and so forth? And what your customer wants is probably significantly different from what you think he wants. We wanted to campaign against corporal punishment, compulsory chapel, games and Latin.

Not a Master Technician. The prospect has forgotten all those psychographically compelling things by now. It starts with your Primary Aim and your Strategic Objective, and continues through your Organizational Strategy your Organization Chart and the Position Contracts for all of the positions in it and the Operations Manuals that define the work your people do.

And it ends with the delivery of the promise before they leave your door. There are only people who see certain kinds of work as undesirable. And if you know his demographics, you can understand what those perceptions are, and then figure out what you must do to satisfy them and the expectations they produce.

An accumulation of all his experiences since the instant of his birth and for all we know, before it to this very moment when he stands before you.

He explains how running a business and getting technical work done are two different things and shows you how you can set up a company that depends much more on systems, than on people, and can basically be handed over to anyone with the right instructions.

A meeting with each applicant individually to discuss his reactions to and feelings about the idea, as well as his background and experience. It tells you why your customer buys.

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About building a business that works not because of you but without you. Every bit of which is taught at your school.

according to the e myth what is the goal of the maturity phase of business
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Book Summary: The E