The major risks of financial intermediaries essay

However, without the timely coincidence of wants between traders, barter potential remains severely limited unless there is an underlying medium of value exchange.

The financial system is ever more becoming a fact of human existence, and the biggest part of this financial system, is the flow of funds from surplus entities.

There are many benefits to both the entire economy, and the individual consumer. A typical example of a financial intermediary is a bank, but there are more such as life insurance companies and building societies.

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Risk, that means maturity risk, counterparty risk, market risk interest rate and stock priceslife expectancy, income expectancy risk etc. Personal Savings: This is the cash my friend has ready.

It is a main basis of all financial systems, which are extremely important for capitalist economies. Turning to the special purpose financial reports which are usually required by lenders, government and creditors.

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This essay will assess the risks which financial intermediaries face and how they manage them

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Financial Intermediaries Essay