Thesis on cross cultural communication

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Culture differences affect the effectiveness of advertising messages in business environment. Julia Rbdulgani is 27 years old, was born in Indonesia and grew up in The Netherlands where her parents migrated to.

intercultural communication pdf

Even if the concepts of culture differ widely throughout the literature, many authors find consensus in shared patterns of values and basic assumptions, norms and beliefs, as well as behaviours, practises, and artefacts as the origin of culture.

He has been supporting the team of the Internship Office for four weeks so far.

Thesis on cross cultural communication

Americans are known to be direct, straight to the point, and expressive. For Nancy Adler qtd. Nolan distinguishes between: - Perceptions, as the way of seeing the same things differently; - Interpretations, as the way of selecting, interpreting, and remembering the same things differently; - Facts, as the way the same situations are defined differently; - Goals, as the different purposes or mindsets people from different cultures have; - Methods, as the different ways people from different cultures achieve their goals; and - Values, as the different application of standards in order to evaluate situations, individuals, behaviours, and outcomes. Due to the fact that communication - as a major cultural attribute - is the most obvious level on which cultural differences are recognized, insights in the topic of cross-cultural and intercultural communication will be given. Businesses can apply a range of strategies or approaches to overcome cross-cultural communication problems. Mishandling of cultural issue and cultural insensitivity would lead to deadlock in negotiation process. It is differentiated between the popular definitions and those given by anthropologists, sociologists, and psychologists Harzing, Now and then he is turning his head to look at Rnne Koslowsky expectantly. This includes the "active participation through the use of turn-taking and listening techniques, and the interpretation of linguistic nuances, tone variations and body language " Lee, 2. Japanese are not known to be aggressive; they tend to avoid being direct and expressive unlike the Americans. Difficulties in communicating with people from other countries also occur in the general manner people think and communicate. The Japanese think that it is rude for a foreign negotiator to take a seat before a Japanese negotiator does D'Herbais, et al. As communication is about the exchange of information and ideas from the sender to the receiver, one must take into consideration that communicating with someone from another country requires more than just sending out a message and receiving information.

The following section will centre these measurements while discussing four significant cross-cultural comparative research studies.

Rfter giving theoretical insights on culture and communication, a detailed encounter of the methodology developed to test the given hypotheses will be provided in chapter six.

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Nancy Patricia Lee also holds this view as according to her, "the ability to communicate succinctly across cultural, linguistic and national borders is now mandatory for all effective international transactions" 1.

Rpart from this categorization, many researchers emphasize the distinction of cultures by identifying behaviours, norms, values, and basic assumptions[1] Rppendix: Figure 1 Hofstede,; Maznevski, DiStefano, Gomez, Noorderhaven, Wu, ; Romani, ; Schein, ; Sorge, ; Trompenaar Hampton-Turner,

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Is the understanding of cultural diversity becoming less substantial and more implicit? Communication process between culturally different people has unleashed the issues of language, values, ways of thinking and religion. Behaviours, like any form of human action, are comparatively explicit, but norms and values on which behaviours rest are rather implicit Romani, ; Trompenaar Hampton-Turner, It would help in understanding and realizing the importance of cultural differences to ensure the success of advertising messages, business negotiations and business transactions. It is evident that cultures are different. Employees at the United Nations Internship Office act as the liaison between interns and the United Nations departments, as well as handle external queries about the program. Lee said that the way a thought is presented may differ from country to country as is the case when comparing English and Japanese. Susan Watson is presenting the general purpose of the new system as well as enumerating the tasks of the project. Hofstede identified and validated four, later five, cultural dimensions for which he presented possible origins as well as predictors and consequences for management behaviours Hofstede, While focusing on dimensions, shared experiences of members can be evaluated and categorized since cultural dimensions rest on value systems - culture is consequently presented as composed of values organized in dimensions. Rpu Narendra and Jens are discussing a few tasks that need to be done by the end of the week. Different languages, different buying habits, and consumption styles of consumers from different cultures influence the marketing decisions and business decision of organizations. Finally, Susan Watson can resume her presentation of the project at hand.
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