Write a word phrase for algebraic expression

This translates to: x — 4 Affiliate To be clear, "four less than the unknown " in English means " the unknownless four" in algebra. That means simply writing 9g is the same as "9 times g. I figure this out by noting that what goes into the smaller container is whatever is left over, after the larger container is taken care of.

This is the frustrating part. The order of the terms here is the unknownfollowed by the value that is being multiplied onto the unknown. What comes to your mind? Usually, when we hear the word sum, we think of addition or the total of adding numbers.

writing algebraic expressions from word problems worksheet

They've given me a variable for the amount being poured into the larger container. Then this translates to: 5 — y Content Continues Below English expressions can be more complicated than a simple relation between two items.

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Writing expressions