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They aren't fully cross-platform, but some of them have a Windows installer, and some can be installed on Mac with Macports. F4V videos are similar to FLV files, but they use "blocks" for data storage.

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DivX files are media containers that use audio and video codecs to increase compression efficiency and to reproduce the data that is included in the file of this format. MKV offers its users a support with most codecs, online video streaming, minimum errors when reading and recording video, settings adjustment during the playback and a possibility to connect plugins. The good news is that the content industry is moving to open source codecs to avoid fees and to use open standards. The choices can be limited, depending on your platform or PC maker, but don't forget to install the latest drivers. If you want to know the difference among all the digital video formats to choose the best one for your particular purposes spend a few minutes on our brief overview. You can see examples in these video tutorials. It describes a program for video encoding and decoding, reduces the video size to move it quickly over the networks or to provide more efficient storage on hard disks. Devices[ edit ] This section is about electronic devices.

The PRO version gives you even more possibilities for the most enjoyable playback. The MPEG-4 format is good for playing and downloading online videos. The file size in this format is usually quite big.

Don't forget to install the latest drivers.

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Incidentally, if you want to record a video, you can do that from the same Peggo. Its built-in browser alternative allows you to watch any videos from the app.

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