Writing a verse novel characteristics

Do you love them? Each entry gets a page of its own, and few traditional novels do that. Verse novels have a strong use of white space. The book is compact, resonant and intense, not words usually associated with prose.

Helen Frost: I recently saw a video of a surfer riding a very long wave—five minutes or so—and I thought that was an image of how it feels to work on a novel-in-poems when it is going well. Revising and re-reading is essential. Her website is: www.

how is a verse novel different from poetry?

This does not suggest a lack of rigour; the mind is both relaxed and strong in its movement. Often though not always verse novels are told from a very close first-person point of view.

Although the verse novel will continue to be steeped in ambiguity based on its fusion of poetry and narrative, a more extensive exploration of affect and emotion in the role of writing the verse novel may bring further elucidation to this hybrid form.

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Writing Verse Novels