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Yeah going out with friends may be awesome and the party may get wilder, but at the end of the day, is it what really matters? But should a couple wait years before trying to have one? I had no idea how much I loved being a dad. But now that they're older, they regret not having more. But with kids? Married couples also see how tired parents look. She shares five pre-baby tips for couples to take into consideration.

Dinner is filled with screaming. A family member who didn't really validate our relationship when we were read as lesbians suddenly treated us differently now that we presented as what she read as a heterosexual couple after [my partner] transitioned, because that meant babies.

Cartoons are playing in the background. He will be the future of our world. I know I used to see kids this way. So now you're We asked Aida Seetner, a registered marriage and family therapist, for her insights into what parents can do to prepare themselves before having children.

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However, with some planning and some patience, couples will be better able to find the balance between being parents and being in a relationship. Raising a child is a wonderful stage in life, but it's a good idea for couples to do as much prep work as possible before a new baby arrives in order to keep their relationship strong.

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Often I get told condescendingly that I will "change my mind" one day. Here are some of them. Having kids is a blessing from the Lord, which means they're good for us. Who knows, maybe you'll want to stop after kids. But these days, mankind tends to delay that command for about years after marriage. We push back by being the best village we can be. Share it if you feel like others may find it useful too: Our check-out at the hospital was a huge blessing. All natural, normal delivery. On average, women get married between the ages To my utter shock, it was less than half what me and my wife was expecting to pay for. Even in marriage, our love tends to be selfish. Spending time mentoring my son will be remembered by my God for eternity. Just know children are supposed to be seen as a blessing too. And after service is over, they're always chasing their kids around. The problem with our society today is the excessive consumerism.

So a lot of young couples will be proactive in saving and will get excited about owning their own property.

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I Wish Young Married Couples Would Try to Have Kids Sooner